Out Queens T-Shirt
Out Queens T-Shirt
Out Queens T-Shirt

Out Queens T-Shirt

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The Official “Out Queens” T-Shirt

This fine piece of attire bears the “Out Queens” logo.

Prodigy’s last song, “Out Queens” blows the lid off the Dark Illuminati. In addition to P’s revealing lyrics, the as-yet unreleased video exposes (Their) symbolism even more.

They speak in symbols and coded language to keep us in the dark about they plots they are planning behind the scenes, as the Puppet-Masters of society.

They enslave us emotionally and financially with illusion, distraction, and by encouraging our own self-destruction.

But it all exists on a psychological level. If they lose their grip on our minds, they lose everything…and we win.


Because it’s a war for YOUR MIND…and your mind is YOURS. You can take back control, along with the thousands of others joining this Movement.

The way to escape the mental chains is by:
1. Waking up to the Illusion
2. Understand the Language of the Dark Illuminati - the Evil Elite that run the show from behind a curtain.

But just like in Wizard of Oz, once you pull back the curtain, you’ll see some weak, frail, desperate old zombies who only eat by feeding off OUR Blood Sweat and Tears

(Yes, Tears…they seem to revel in our pain and struggle).

The Pyramid

The Illuminati structure society as a Pyramid. Few on top of the rest of humanity on the bottom.

The Goat Skull

The head of Baphomet is the favourite symbol of the Evil Elite. Sometimes confused as “Satan” the goat head really symbolises an ancient Canaanite God, to whom babies were sacrificed.

These “people” are sick…but we are letting them know that We The People understand their game and what they believe…and what they are doing in their disgusting secret lives.

We got our EYEZ on them.

The Eye and the Crescent

At the top of the Pyramid you’ll see a Crescent symbolising the Spring Moon, when those on the Dark Side perform their fertility rituals of sacrifice.

This eye is (Their) surveillance of us, i.e. The Patriot Act (some illegal domestic spying bullsh*t the corrupt politicians passed while everyone was freaked out about 9-11) and more recently the 5 Eyes Program (AKA “FVEY”) where America, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada all take turns spying on each others’ citizens.

Not to mention Silicon Valley keeping tabs on your every move through social media and “smart” phones (who’s really getting smart tho?)

**This Crescent also implies a 5th point (see below)**

The 4 Points (The 4 Elements)
earth, water, air, and fire

This is nature, Natural Law. This is where our power comes from.

The 5 Points (Implied)

The 5 pointed star represents “you-know-who” - the Fallen Angel. He has no power, only the spell of illusion.

We have the power because Real Power Is People.

We are breaking this spell through awareness, by shining LIGHT on the Lies, by waking up the People.

This Woke-ness is symbolised on the Out Queens Logo by the…

The Rays of the Sun

Which spread in all directions because light cannot be controlled contained. It shines freely. Light is Freedom and Freedom is Light.

We are free - our only blocks exist in our minds, from the Illusion.

The Federal Currency Font

And of course… we couldn’t help but call attention to the Babylonian Magic Money system - the fake fiat currency and fractional banking that the BANKSTERS use to keep us indebted to them…

When you see your chains, you can simply CHOOSE to break free, because the chains are MENTAL.

And that’s why we called attention to the very FONT used by the Federal Reserve (neither Federal, nor a reserve) on our PRINTED MONEY…

You know, the same money they just print up whenever they want…the same piece of useless paper that has a Pyramid with an Eyeball at the top of it…

They put it right in front of us…and laugh.

But we are using their own system to spread the word.

This shirt is made with thin, soft slightly-stretchy cotton, with a slight slim fit, to make you look good while helping us Wake Up The People everywhere you go.

Get it now and hit the streets.

And be sure to peep Prodigy’s last song exposing the Dark Illuminati,

LINK >>”Out Queens”<< [outqueens..com]