The Eyez Mask Tee
The Eyez Mask Tee
The Eyez Mask Tee

The Eyez Mask Tee

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You’ve seen the Eye on the Top of the Pyramid…
But who keeps an eye on that Eye?
(They) have eyes on you. But we have eyes on them.
That’s what Prodigy’s last video is all about - letting the “Powers That Be” understand that
WE know what’s up, and we SEE them.
The American Revolution - and ALL revolutions - are won through guerrilla warfare.
Power to the people means guerrilla warfare. And we are no in a war of ideas and
Guerrilla warfare requires secrecy, the element of surprise, anonymity… hence, the Mask.
When they don’t know who you are, and they can’t see you coming…they can’t defend
themselves, and they can’t attack you.
That’s why guerrilla warfare works so well for a Movement by the People and For the
The Eye on Eyez Movement is By the People For the People.
Let’s take back our power and wage war on the Evil Eye…with our own Eyes, Ideas, and
We WILL take it back.
Let (Them) know you’re awake.
*A percentage of all sales go directly to Prodigy’s family.